Re: Does anybody know why the t disappered out of Hebrew

Posted by qOLOp on 1096740650
Tuf and Tet have not and did not disappear from the Hebrew alphebet. I don't know what site you're looking at, but it might be a good idea to get an Oxford's Hebrew-English dictionary and work with it. Paleo-Hebrew is identical to the the current alphabet, or alephbeit, and so is the vocabulary. Christianity has nothing to do with with the language or the people and their culture.

Ashkenazim, Jews of northern and eastern European culture pronounce Tuf as a soft S sound while the rest of Jewery pronunce it as a T. Hebrew letters are actually pictographs of other letters in the alephbeit, like an Aleph being two Yuds and a Hey on an angle. There are several letter forms each with its own unique era and application. They do not correspond to the prevailing pagan cultures of the time or region.

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