Re: LOVE...why do we need it so?

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A trick! A treat!

The wiles of a women I suppose...Oh brother.
You just love to push my buttons...

I have some quotes: everyone has a hero...mine is Mother Teresa.

She said:
Love each other as God loves each of you, with such an intense and particular love.

Be kind to each other. It is better to committ faults with gentleness than to work miracles with unkindness.

HMMMMM? Pondering, R U?

From the autobiography of Mother Teresa, No Greater Love, a newly revised edition copiled by: LaVonne Neff.

Are we not reflecting each other whenever our eyes meet the eyes of another?

Do we not see reflection in the waters as we stroll along the lake?

When we look up into the glass of a window pane in a shopkeepers window do we not see reflection?

Obviously their is much to ponder about reflection all by itself for God has given us so many opportunities to see our own and others, as well.

I see love in everything...different kinds you all Gods creations, all Gods love...the same love.

I see it in your eyes, in the trees, in the lake and in the animals too. I see it in the thunderstorm of potential destruction and in the rainbow that follows. I see it in the newborn infant and in the dying soul. I see love in the blossoming flower as its petals open and all abloom with just the right amount of attention and care, the soil tended just so, the seeds planted for life to take hold and love to grow wherever the winds may blow or the waters may rain down to nourish this rich seed we call love.

Love is not only about loving those we procreate. Procreation stops long before we reach even the middle of our lifetimes now. With birth control so readily available and family sizes regulated it may be a child or two that is offered to this world of ours. The love of these beings continues on yes, but the love changes over the passing of days and nights. As a mother of many the greatest love of procreation comes in the letting go of God's creation once more to allow that being to become who God intended for them to be, independent loving beings manifesting their own light into this life. There is a time to hold them and suckle them close and a time to set them down to walk alone. A time to let them fly off on their own and to grow knowing your love has given them a beginning.

more to follow...

Love and Light,

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