Global Democracy meets Divine Unity

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I am happy to inform you all that I have been able to condense and streamline this most important document for peoples consumption. I would be blessed and very content if you who read this document please share it with all of your friends and families and ask them for their input. I have so far shared this message amongst some top theologians, Mystics, Buddhists, Hinhuists and even some Evangelical Christians and unbelievably ALL of them stated that they thought this message was entirely possible, stood in enlightenment of the knowledge they had been offered and agreed 100% that this could happen.

Perhaps the most powerful of feedback came when I ventured WAY out on a limb, I don't know but something DEEP inside me told me to go ahead and share the message with an online friend I have known for 3 years who is 100% Iranian and has lived in Iran all of her life. I felt some fear when I began sharing it with her (Hamide) but I found HUGE relief when she stated, "Scott, we are all sick and tired of our president here, and we are waiting for the AMericans to show up". She then supported that statement with an incredibly true and eral statement, that really places Iraq into the light of things even so with all the negative press Iraq has been getting, Hamide continued, "We want to be free like Iraq, our neighbors, regardless of the price, we want to be free and live in peace." I was shocked.

So as you can see, in this again I tried to formulate a sense of wether or not this was a message of truth or not based upon a diverse peoples review of the message and their feedback. Still, I ask that you be totally unbiased in your review and comprehension of this writing and by all means I challenge you to come up with healthy debate as to why such an approach will not work. And one last point to share. That is, that when you read this message please keep in mind that the true possible definition of the Holy Grail is that the Grail is a, "Latent Miracle Power" and that it resides within all of us. Thank you all, and God Speed.

Global Democracy meets Divine Unity:

Imagine Baghdad, 90 degrees, streets paved in gold, sidewalk areas full of fresh fruits and nuts and offerings from mother nature, cool misting scented water spraying about, people dancing in the streets, people talking, holding hands, kissing, bands playing on the side walks, people performing magic..everyone barefootin... Yeah baby

But honestly, might we ever get close to nirvana, paradise or heaven on earth?

Can we not recognize the need for the entire mass of souls to come together, as one, to then reach for the ultimate plan, the last frontier? If indeed a latent miracle power resides within all souls then it would be safe to say that all souls come from the same source. That being said then the divine source should reside not only within each person, but be throughout the universe, everywhere, all the time. But how might we hand-hold ths along?

Imagine for a moment if we are to combine such a theory as universal latent miracle powers within all, with worldwide democracy. Democracy, where America's founding forefathers have shown that, "All races and all religions, can live peacefully under the same umbrella." And take WWII for example. Prior to the fall of Hitler Europe was destine to become a very evil place, where no tolerance existed for race nor religion. But yet only 25 years after WWII Europe was indeed a democratic nation, combining many races, and many religions, while all living in peace under the same umbrella. Then the East fell, with the Berlin Wall and communism crushed, and democracy grows there. And with West and East Europe democracized the nest focus was on the middle east. With only Afghan, Iraq, Syria and Iran left to democracize the road will most likely lead east, to Asia. N. Korea potentially will be next, where a free and peaceful force shall instill once again, a democracy based upon equality, freedom and peace. And lastly, gaining momentum towards that final frontier, perhaps we will negotiate to finally bring down the last wall, the Great Wall of China.

With worldwide democracy spread throughout, in all nations of the planet, there would likely be much less war, much smaller defense budgets, a humanity that finally realizes its purpose from the beginning; People will be more consciously able to address things such as poverty, violence, criminal rehabilitation without negative cycles, cures for illnesses without red tape & Beuracracy, the environment, equality and global unification. One might say, this won't work, it is world dominance. But it isn't. Look at America having 50 seperate states all states having their own little governments based upon the poeples vote and living in peace and freedom without fears of the other state attacking. Now expand that concept, where as all the world's nations become like states. Then there are those who might say, that is an EVIL PLOT! It is the very essence of a NEW WORLD ORDER. And I would address those in the dark and suggest that they open their eyes, and look at all of the signs, messages, rich histories and symbology and seek why it is not an evil plan. Here's a simple example of symbology having been right under our noses all along - the U.S. One Dollar Bill and more importantly, the three phrases in Latin that exist upon the bill. They mean, when translated:

"E PLURIBUS UNUM", meaning "one nation from many people."

"ANNUIT COEPTIS", means "God has favored our undertaking."'

"NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM", is interpreted to mean "a new order for the world

It translates into a "new order for the world", not a NEW WORLD ORDER.

So seek, from within and throughout. Be aware, highly aware in the present moment, knowledgable from the past and visionary for the future. If you do this, you will find peace within the thought that we do have the ability to come together, to embrace each other without border, and with grand tolerance and love, we shall make for a total tranformation of oursleves and the planet we live in. For eternity.

Much Peace, Love & Light,

Scott Bruno
A Gentle Warrior

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