Re: Global Democracy meets Divine Unity

Posted by wizanda on 1148556510
It's nice to hear that some of it is working... over there in the middle east..

The fact to spread democracy is true and dictator ship in no fashion should be, so in saying this we also need to learn and show the world how and why we need a democratic communism.
Now being polish and knowing what happened and how many take offence and communism is that it wasn't communism.
It was dictatorship under the disguise of being a communism now if we establish a democratic communism.
Where on any discussion it is voted on by members it takes us second yet it is truly what democracy should be about...
Since this is a community we are communism as what some one does will effect another and the good of the whole is overall.
I think and fear many people may have thought this is site is another dictatorship; yet it isn't and if a better way is suggested, then it is accept if the whole says so..

This is already been written in the charity document on the site right from the beginning as this basically to take from where Christ left on and this time to finish it and build a centre for the world for peace.
In a world democratic community/communism

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