Re: Global Democracy meets Divine Unity

Posted by wizanda on 1148563464
Well after just going to chill out in the sun and listen to the birds, for those who understand melody between a band....
(Swap black note for the main scale including B# and E#; use white for feeling as each white note has its own inheritant expression or feeling to it)
Then you will start to see with the bird’s melodies what they feel in the way the melody is expressed....

Why am I adding it to this thread...?

As the way it works in a conversation with birds is there is a clear melodic timing patter in a pauses that follows the rhythm off life to miss a bit by over talking is rude and many birds notice, my in synchronicities.

So in a democracy it has to be this way, we have lost this since the fall, and we are so out of touch with this fact, that we can communicate with birds and most animals through high frequency communication, as I mentioned...

We have also lost this point that when the first was speaking, it normal timing not jumping ahead, said it disagreed it let it speak first, and then it replied why it had misunderstood and so the other bird left it to the wiser one.
Not an argument in sighted from a mistiming of the actual statements in the first place…

This is a good reason for a forum, in some ways, yet it can still happen yet a lot less then when in person…

So if we as people will ever get anywhere we need to take this basic principle of bird’s communication system. And pauses spending the time to allow the other to speak correctly, if you think about how a true guru or enlightened person is, they do this and advise others to….

Yet a lot it is overlooked…. with in our democracy if we think of how our current systems are arranged yes they are supposed to wait.
Yet you also should pause in any matter, for second, for a breath; before you speak….
How many of us do this in everything…I am going to practise and hopefully we can try to establish this first within our self’s and then as global community; learning to take that moment to pause, as nature does!
The only time I have heard birds not doing so, is in a fight where it becomes like most of our normal conversations….

So there is no debating,
There is just relating,
It’s a rhyming end,
To hopefully mend,
To find a way,
In how we say,
To rescue the day,
For a democracy;
Instead of affray

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