Re: Christians don´t follow Christ

Posted by dude on 1149789140
I think Yashua did keep it simple. I am a christian, by that i mean a follower of Yashuas ways. I dont fit in with regular denominations tho..Seems i am always at war with thier doctrines of sunday sacredness, immortality of the wicked and false religious spirits in the system..

I feel the seventh day (sabbath) is sacred, that the wicked are not immortal, and spirits need to be tested to see who they are! The bible seems to be tampered with, some parts missing, ect..But there is enough there to get the job done.

I feel; Its not the bible that seems to be the problem..Its mans private interpretations, mans doctrines, and false spirits in the system, that twist everything around. They cant get around me to well tho, I know the bible now and can put the truth in the light really quick.. And thats why i am not welcome in most churchs anymore..Its like a war zone when i go in one of them; because I know how to expose the fake doctrines, using the same bible they do.

Its at that point a wicked spirit usually steps into the leader, to get controll back over the sheep.. You wouldnt believe what i have seen in these places.

However i do honor Yashua as Gods only begotton son, who came and died to give us a way out of earths delimma of insanity, corruption, greed, and evil! Thank you Yashua!!!

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