Re: Cancer

Posted by wizanda on 1155300660
Ok things to do!
1) Apricot kernels and other pips provide a natural form of cyanide, that will attack foreign cells in the body, eating plenty will reduce and can stop cancer.
2) something we have noticed also is possibly the cure for aids as well as it stems from same place is sapoins; now Bach made a list of these and they clean the blood stream producing more white blood cells to fight the cancer it self.
Hope that helps, you can find their research yet that is simplified...from our spiritual research and the fact my cousin died of cancer so my family did lots of research.
That is the apricot kernels…
The bread of life is made of horse chestnuts from what we can access; and of things we have tried and researched our self currently.
Yet you have to be also aware that most alien elements need removing from the diet i.e. meat alcohol and especially all them daft drugs, that one leads to the next as they miss the sugars needed to absorbed them; which with the plants seeds them self’s are contained.
So get bags of apricot kernels and not too many will clean the blood, the more that can be done like this it is known to stop cancers forming and continuing.

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