Banning Violent Video Games will Not Stop Violence

Posted by wizanda on 1168469601
We live in violent world with violent people who desire things that are not right to begin...allowing people to live these out in a virtual reality is far safer then sending them to do it..

So on the one hand we have America, trying to make world war 3 with anyone who will start, then we have that the games cause the fighting?

I must admit some games do produce ideas such as grand theft auto and stealing even I had the thought to mug the person and steal the car...then questioned where the crazy thought had come from and realized that after 2 weeks of playing the game it had crept in..

Yet on the other hand when I was younger I helped others rob cars more to be accepted by the growing TWOC'ers, then to prove the game didn't make them do it, as it wasn't out then.

So it is not the games that cause these things it is the state of our society and basic human nature to begin with.

Neither did the games we have now, exist in our violent past we can all see...

So on the one extreme there is always the through allowing peoples to see what happens when you commit said crimes, this is a good thing..this is the point in these games..often they are allowing the focus to be way out of control...
I come from a gangster family and there are many rule and much respect within that life style, that is sadly overlooked in these games.

So if it isn't just the games and the way we present things to our self's and our children, lets also ban TV as all it does is lie and teach violence (sounds like politics also).
So in which case lets also ban the Bible as that is at the founder of all violence and we will be getting some where.
Yet to suddenly ban violent games and say that is the cause of violence, maybe we should take a look at that we live in hell to begin and it might make a bit more sense.

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