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Love isn't an act.
It's a feeling two people share.
Two people can make beautiful love just holding each other.
But sex is something different.
Some people may think of it as a leisure activity, but those
people will always be missing something.

When you give this special part of yourself to someone
you don't really care for, self doubts are sure to follow.
Sex isn't something you do with someone you know,
It's something you share with someone you love!

Love is an elemental energy for which the human
heart is a conductor. The feeling need not be shared
by only two, but should be shared by all!

Unconditional Love is a fine notion, but in the physical
realm, is delusion just the same. How long would this
feeling of unconditional love last in a person forced to
watch their own family member beaten or killed?
Even God's love is conditioned on his own benevolence.
Love is, by far, the most glorious flower in the garden of
life, but is also a fragile flower which requires certain
conditions in order to grow and flourish.
Human love is a feeling and a metaphysical energy that
requires benevolence and the willingness to share.
Without these things, there is no love.
Love can not prosper in a hostile environment. Nor does
it walk far on an empty stomach.

Many believe that "Unconditional Love" means 1 divine
being, the Source of all things, showering Love on all
unconditionally. This is not so, nor will it ever be...
To Love Unconditionally means not to place conditions
on, fence in, cage, posses or hold captive the love you
wish to receive. It means setting free the one or many
you wish to receive it from. What's a great way to
destroy love? Bind it with a legal contract.

Love will not be held prisoner! All you can do is let it
go and hope it comes back. If you truly love someone,
you would rather let them go and lose them than to
cause them pain.

Of course there are different kinds of love, all different
shades of the same light.

Picture a World without Monogamy. Where couples are
only exclusive under unbinding mutual agreement. What
would happen if we all just loved each other freely, and
were free to express that love any way we choose?
Sometimes the only way to gain something is to give it up.
What if all we need to do is set it free and share it?

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