Re: Who or what is the devil!

Posted by brendalee on 1118542454
ok, I haven't said anything yet about the devil. I wonder why this subject bothers everyone so much? No reason to be defensive, friends. I know he is real. oh of course God can smite him quickly. I really don't know why He hasn't except He has a plan. So I haven't seen the face of God, but I believe He is there. Same with the stupid devil. When I go to heaven I want to ask God to introduce me to whichever demon tortured my mind the most so that I can kick his little fiery booty. I have the power in Jesus' name to cast him out and away from people and I have. But face to face in my spirit only, it'll be like kicking my shoes off and getting down to business!!! tell me what else you think, knowing the roaring lion- thinks he's all that . Even the devil knows there is a God and a truth and that is why we are all having trouble getting along. He uses his minions to cause confusion. For instance ESP and witches and mediums. They constantly commune with demonic familial spirits. That is why they know so much about a person when you go to one. Anyway, I know I am talking all over the board.

See ya!!!

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