Re: Who or what is the devil!

Posted by qOLOp on 1118601620
Thank you for putting in it with less words... and it has been said ; " a picture is worth a thousand words." Nice pics.

It is about time to recognize that that which we call "devil" are those traits, those vices which have been with us since we lost our divinity. Because of that it could be said that the devil is "omnipresent." Since it is tarnishing every single soul in this planet. The war is within.
However, the irony is that many think that "God is everywhere", or that "God is inside us" but when it is about the devil... that is another guy, it is not me...he is making me do it...
Still,we are in the extreme of darkness...the intellectual dark ages...everyone talks what comes up in their mind without further examination.

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