Shiva's Mandala

Posted by wizanda on 1304242331
Find a visual image painted across many books, that is a circle nearing completion; thus like a mandala it is implied that the energy will all be returned and restarted.

In African folk lore this is someone called Eshu, who is known as the trickster, the destroyer and the person to come at the end, sitting at the cross roads of time. There is a prophecy of Eshu, that Eshu will come with a funny hat, with one side black, one white, people will argue so much over the hat, they will miss the words that he stated.

Then we have Yeshua, who stated many clauses; yet intermingled with it are many false testimonies, that say the exact opposite, people argue so much over which side is right, they ignore what was stated.
Yeshua is known as the lord of the dance, eternal young like a child and sitting at the right hand side of God.

Shiva is known as the lord of the dance, sits at the right side of Brahma.
There is a battle, where Shiva is killed by Kali in battle and they drink his blood, from it many little ones spread. Christians means little Christ's and clearly they drink his blood. The age of Kali Yuga is known as the metal age and the age of limitation. The Roman Empire was known for its metal, as all you would see is shield like teeth on the landscape.The Romans adopted Christianity and incorporated their political structure into it, causing limitation globally with Roman taxes, census, roads, senate, politics, etc.

Now many don't notice that Yeshua said, when you see the bud shoot forth (symbolic name of the messiah) from the fig, know that the time is close. The Gita states the same, that the Fig (Skanda son of Shiva) will come to end Kali Yuga, to fight for the cause of Shiva.

So when Yeshua called Simon the stone, peter isn't a name it comes from petros or cephas in Greek and its prophecy (Zec 3:9), that the stone shall have seven eyes, that shall go out to deceive all nations in writing, then like in any mandala the energy is returned.
Know of countless prophecies interwoven across the whole of time, that takes a super computer to realize how they interlink, helping show a divine mandala, that proves time is an illusion.

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