Re: Who or what is the devil!

Posted by qOLOp on 1119503054
To me the "devil", if one could truely put a name to the concept of unadulterated evil, comes in many guises.

The devil is blind faith, do not follow a course without consulting the wisdom of others and looking into your own feelings, it is right to question everything you feel the need to question, why you believe is far more important than what you believe in.

The devil is not a faith, a witch who helps others and gives of themselves would sooner go to heaven than a christian who was greedy, selfish and hurt others

I do not believe in a supreme good or a supreme evil. Does God exist? yes, It (why does the english language not have a genderless tense) is the supreme Initiator, neither light nor dark, man nor woman, both and all together in one unfathomable eternal being. The "devil" is distance from the truth of the Initiator. God creates and destoryes to suit the purpose of its plan, the "devil" seeks to create what has been destoryed and to destory what has been created because it cannot accept the truth of the plan.

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