Re: Who or what is the devil!

Posted by qOLOp on 1119860575
Hey brother - i know exactly what your talking about - i have just recently been woken and see the truth now - the Devil tried hard to pull me back to sleep when i was coming too - Jesus was there for me and is still there - i have a long way to go there are many sins to account for - i am being made aware of sins that i did not think were sins and making good on them.

For those who don't believe the Devil lives - they are asleep - you said "they constantly commune with demonic familial spirits" it goes deeper than this. Because we all have sinnned and some such as i continue too but am making progress - we allow his demons to enter our souls - our body - our minds - Satan is the Master of the air ways [Ephesian 2:2] - i now know the meaning of this. Demons are in all sinners - if you believe all humans have sinned - all humans harbor Demons - it is these Demons that comunicate with other Demons as you go about your daily chores in life and feel anger - fear - hate - jealousy etc in others.

They plant a certain image in my mind and let it thread - once my mind registers the image it sends the impulse to the body and the body response with a feeling or emotion etc. At this point in time i must remain connected to God and Jesus 24/7.
It used to happen so quick and consealed that i would only be made aware of it days later - i have worked it out to seconds now and feel i can share my experiance.

Be sinless and live forever!

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