Re: Who or what is the devil!

Posted by qOLOp on 1119863499
Try decating your whole heart to God alone, working on not becoming jealous Ect and becoming a perfect person.

Stop leaning on someone else faith, to achieve what you should do and reach for God your self.

As faith in God has power

Faith in man is not as strong, as the devil is with in man :ange3:

Also if you must quote Pauls words, i will remind you that Jesus came to him as an angel of light.

Then Paul said this same angel of light was the devil????

Fear breeds fear

Stop fearing the devil, aim to be perfect and pure light and the badnesss in you will flee.

Keep acepting the devil is there, gives you an excuse the next time. "It wasn't my fault the devil did it"

Its time to wake up even more!! Realise that God in Job asked the devil where it came from, he said "walking the earth" it is mans ego that contains the devil!!

So try to fight your own ego, rather then some supernatural force that dosen't exsist!

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