Do People Realize for Moses's Statements to be True, the Zionist Will Soon be Removed?

Posted by wizanda on 1578389674
Sorry to make such a harsh title, yet if we read Moses Curses in Deuteronomy 28, this is literally what it states, with Deuteronomy 29:19-27, stating the Fire soon coming shall finish off what wasn't slaughtered in the Exile among the Gentiles.

Exodus 34:9-10 warns them not to become like the other nations making up their own religion; yet unfortunately Rabbinic Judaism has nothing to do with what Moses stated, as no one in their right mind would move back to Israel, it is about to be turned into a Lake of Fire, and no one listened to Moses as he said.

Thus just so we know to any real Jews still waiting for the Messiah as prophesied, after the Cleansing of Humanity soon, there will be an exodus across the nations for a big party, everyone is welcome, and God Bless you for listening to the prophets.

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