Re: The 7th Beggar has Rejected the Messiah for the Rabbinic Jews

Posted by wizanda on 1633820954
In this document it records how Kabbalistic ideas expect Sandalphon to come before Judgement Day to warn the Jewish people.

At 4-6 years old I knew I was an avatar, with my name in the world's religious texts, with advanced understanding of the Biblical deception. I was told global eschatology by the Source of reality at 15, and asked to read the world's religions. At 21 fulfilled Revelation 5 & 10 three years before reading the Bible.

Since around 28 years old I've been explaining religious expectations to the 7th Beggar for the Jewish people. As prophesied in Revelation 3:9-12, Ezekiel 3, Isaiah 28:11-13 he has gone against it for you all, and sadly this means you all get no warning of the coming destruction.

Plus according to the Bible the Jews have been set up by Moses, and the prophets; which I've explained to him in advanced detail over 15+ years as prophesied.

He only needed to tell the Rabbi he'd met an angel debating the Christians as prophesied in the Sefer of Zerubbabel; yet has chosen to reject it for you all, and says he will not change his mind regardless - thus you will all get sentenced without warning.

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