Re: The 7th Beggar has Rejected the Messiah for the Rabbinic Jews

Posted by wizanda on 1654098300
Though 7th has been informed that if he doesn't act upon Messianic prophecy, this will lead to the end of the human race, he states he will not change his mind.

Thus after 16 years asking him to question the details, he has now banned me from using the words 'academic, context, Judaism, intertextuality, scholarly', as he thinks it is a religious chatroom debate he is controlling, and that I do not understand those words properly, to keep insisting he abides to them.

I've been very clear since day one, that I'm an angel who fulfilled Revelation 10 three years before reading the Bible. As our discussions have proceeded, I've explained how I was told by God at 4-5 years old, that our name is in many of the world's religious texts prior to Judgement Day, and how the Source of reality explained global eschatology to me at 15 years old.

Even though in the last 4 years I've had enough evidence to show that I'm the return of King David, then Yeshua, and now Zion/Zan, 7th has refused to go into the details, and has proceeded to answer for all Rabbinic Jews; even though I've asked him to get experts.

At 5-6 years old I knew how the Great Deception had taken place by the fake "I Am" statements, and knew at 25 years old I'd be on the sky explaining the concepts, yet be rejected, then Judgement comes.

I've given 7th plenty of time to share the information with the Rabbinic Jews as prophesied, and instead he has asked for the date of their destruction to debunk my claims, rather than assess the data for you all.

I'm sorry for choosing someone who really doesn't fear God or humanities destruction.

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