Re: Isaiah 13:10 Prophesied Betelgeuse Will go Supernova

Posted by wizanda on 1660398072
As far as I understand based on prophecy, as Armageddon kicks off in Zechariah 14, we will see the supernova as a second sun in Zechariah 14:7.

Betelgeuse just had a major burp, which I would say are imminent signs of its collapse:

'Astronomers have analyzed data from the Hubble Space Telescope and other observatories, and they believe the star experienced a titanic surface mass ejection, losing a substantial part of its visible surface.' - ... r-recovery-scn/index.html

Next we might get gravitational waves from the Orion constellation, as we did in early 2020 after its last burp, and dimming.

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