Resolving Religious Conflict Through 0neness

Posted by wizanda on 1660558501
With analysis of the world's religions, we can understand how the religious practises have become obscured over time.
For us to repair the polarization of society, we'd have to recognize that religion is our societal moral boundaries, that we all have to keep to.
In ancient times religions started our spiritual practises; yet it slowly became about ritualistic religious observance instead, as the religious leaders have made it about their necessity.
If mankind could evolve to understand that we need a moral social cohesion, where with the same ideologies, it allows us all to have the same destination between us.
'Connection to the Source of reality', was called 'Yoga'...
Where there are many awakened souls around the world, that have learned to harness this inner sanctuary without having the religious leaders involved, and so people think spirituality is the alternative; yet it can miss out on many of the deeper wisdoms, that encourage social cohesion through a moral societal structuring.
We need to unite our religious ideas globally, as to avoid the ongoing conflicts; where by creating a new global religious movement between us, we can stop the bigotism, and truly seek the higher truths available to us.
For us to go from an age of limitation, to an age of enlightenment, it takes all of us seeking the wisdoms to understand; not ignoring them, and then hoping the problem goes away.

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