Re: The 7th Beggar has Rejected Messianic Prophecy for the Rabbinic Jews

Posted by wizanda on 1661526671
As the archangel sent to warn mankind that the Great Tribulation, and then Judgement Day is coming...

7th has now banned me from making the conversation about him warning the people as prophesied, and banned me from speaking about the Judgement threats in religious texts.

So basically he has made it we can't speak about his role in prophecy, and if I do I will be permanently banned from his Christianized room.

Thus I'm really sorry I've given up on asking him to fulfil the Rabbinic expectations...

He doesn't want to be your ambassador, and has asked for a date for all of your destruction to debunk my claims; rather than address the data God gave me to help you.

I've explained to him he is therefore playing the role of the devil, choosing to end mankind, against God's archangel trying to save it, and he laughs.

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