Re: The 7th Beggar has Rejected Messianic Prophecy for the Rabbinic Jews

Posted by wizanda on 1674382129
7th has now banned me from saying the words, "assume" & "lie"; whereas he will often use these words about what I'm saying...

He assumes he has all the answers, and I wasn't taught by God as a child fulfilling Isaiah 28:4-13; like a Parable of the fig before the Great Tribulation, & Judgement Day.

So I've tried to say he isn't analysing the world's religious texts, to see if it is accurate what I was told at 4-5 years old, that my name is in the world's religions as an Archangel prophesied globally.

7th knows I was called "Adoni Melchizedek" by a red Robin in my auntie's Christian book shop garden (Isaiah 46:11)... Where I'd not read the Bible at that time, so hadn't heard the terminology.

He also knows he said, "there are no Archangels that sound anything like Sananda in Judaism", so I looked it up, and realized that Sandalphon in a Kabbalistic structure is Malkuth sent down to mankind.

Seriously if any Rabbis see this post please share it, and come to the chatroom to correct his lack of knowledge globally; else you will not get the warnings God gave me, as he is refusing to fulfil prophecy for you all.

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