Re: The 7th Beggar has Rejected Messianic Prophecy for the Rabbinic Jews

Posted by wizanda on 1675947053
Between 7th's team of Rabbinic experts (OlamChesedYibaneh613, Rav Zombie) they've chosen to reject the prophesied warnings before Judgement Day, for all the Rabbinic Jews.

So when Israel starts this war with Iran (Armageddon), the Rabbinic Jews will be removed from reality for rejecting the Biblical contexts, and God will keep the Enlightened Saints who've respected the Biblical contexts.

Having spent the last 16+ years trying to get 7th to honour Messianic prophecy, his team of Rabbinic experts have dismissed the whole case for humanity; without investigating it properly as the Bible foretold.

As this war kicks off, Betelgeuse will be seen to have gone supernova, and then humanity ends; after God will resurrect those worthy on our Messianic Guest-list, everyone else shall cease to exist.

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