Re: The 7th Beggar has Rejected Messianic Prophecy for the Rabbinic Jews

Posted by wizanda on 1676711404
Seventh's latest ultimatum is that he will not question again, what I'm asking him to look at within the texts to save mankind; unless I get Rabbis or experts with more knowledge than him, to tell him that I'm a fulfilment of prophecy as the global religious texts show.

If I do ask him again to accept what I believe is Jewish prophecy, he will bounce me out of the room each time.

Seventh's pet stooge Olam the Golam, who claims to have a Masters in Talmudic studies, has been brainwashed by 7th to reject what is taking place as a fulfilment of Jewish prophecy before Judgement Day (Isaiah 28:1-23), and instead also concludes it is some religious chatroom debate.

Seventh hasn't looked at 95% of the case of the world's religion, and simply concluded day one, that what I'm saying must be nonsense.

Some of the reasons for this is because he has always automatically rejected Yeshua; where he claims he is down in Hell. Plus thinks that all Rabbinic Jews view that the same; including Rabbi Nachman - when I'd say his stories show otherwise.

Thus instead of 7th fulfilling the part, of noticing it is the Messiah debating the Christians, that they are fundamentally in error as the Sefer of Zerubbabel relayed or helping the Children who lost their Kingdom in the tale of Seven Beggars by Rabbi Nachman; 7th has decided to play the role of the Devil against the Angel of the Lord, asking for the destruction of Israel, to prove what I'm saying is prophesied as wrong.

7th & Olam are insisting that I've got to get the Rabbis to look at what they were prophesied to share with the Rabbinic Jews.

Thus as saying earlier in this thread, as the person sent from Heaven with the name of the Archangel of the Lord; where I believe we can show in the Tanakh that I was King David, Yeshua, and now Zion/Zan.. Where I've always remembered things from two thousand years ago before reading the texts.

We're disgusted by the standards of the Rabbinic Jews online, where I've been treated exceptionally rudely by 7th & his admin, plus, etc.

So soon when the Judgement Day fire comes on mankind as prophesied; please understand these people submitted for you all to be destroyed by God, instead of us all learn doctrine, as was also possible within prophecy.

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