Re: The 7th Beggar & Olam Chesed Yibaneh Have Decided to Go Against God's Warning for Mankind

Posted by wizanda on 1679989297
Over the last 16+ years I've appealed to the 7th Beggar to pass my appeal on to the Rabbis, before God cleanses the planet; where I could prove legally I'm sent with the name of the Angel of the Lord, as the person sent having fulfilled the Trumpet before the Great Tribulation & Judgement Day (Revelation 10), to rescue the people from the mess they've caused.

Since 7th rejects personal testimony, he has removed in his mind everything I've said God has done in my life, and has rewritten it all.

7th has recruited, and indoctrinated others on Paltalk to go against what has been happening as a fulfilment of global religious prophecy; where because he has a PHD in Kabbalah, where he hasn't read any of the other religious texts in question, he is willing to decide the fate of 8 billion people to be sentenced to destruction.

OlamChesedYibaneh is 7th's latest disciple, who has a Masters in Talmudic studies, where he is qualified as a Rabbi; where Olam has also now taken to mocking religious prophecy before Judgement Day.

Between them they've made me sick for years, because of making me feel there is no hope in people; where they don't seem to care they're acting like the Synagogue of Satan, against the person with the New name of the Messiah (Revelation 3:9-12).

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