Re: The 7th Beggar Has Got Really Confused About the Return of the Messiah for Everyone

Posted by wizanda on 1682950486
To be very clear, though 7th has known for 16+ years that I've stated I've been sent from Heaven; fulfilling Revelation 10 three years before reading the Bible - Where I've known since 4-5 years old, that my name is in the world's religious texts...

It is only within the last 6 years that 7th has been told that I've specifically got the name of the Messiah according to global religious prophecies - Where 7th hasn't actually studied a majority of the information required to understand it properly.

Over the last 16+ years of interaction with 7th, it has made me look up concepts to an advanced level; where it could be used to create peace among the world's religions, and rectify some of the religious arguments.

Just like in the Tale of 7 Beggars by Rabbi Nachman for every disability of the 7 Beggars sent to the Children who lost their kingdom, there is also a profound understanding found within each.

7th has taught me by arguing the exact opposite, there are 7 profound points that could fix religious issues.

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