Re: Olam & 7th Beggar Don't Mind If They End Humanity

Posted by wizanda on 1684760755
I've asked Olam Chesed Yibaneh & The Seventh Beggar to look at the case of the fulfilment of religious prophecy globally, and neither seem to care if they'd put 8 billion people to death.

They both refuse to acknowledge all of what is stated, and simply argue how their religious beliefs are superior to what I'm saying is being fulfilled.

Rather than even dealing with what is going on, since they have administration they take to bullying out of even responding fairly, and seem inconsiderate they might end the human race between them.

If anyone is qualified enough to understand that religious prophecy is being fulfilled by me, I'd ask you to come find me on any social media system, and we can discuss all the details, as currently these two don't care if they'd murder you all.

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