Re: Isaiah 13:10 Prophesied Betelgeuse Will Go Supernova

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We can show from religious prophecy globally I've been named with the name of the Creator, as the return of Christ, and have known since 3-6 years old that I'm sent before the Great Tribulation, & then the Judgement Day Fire.

Prophecy relays that when you see the Parable of the Fig before Summer (Isaiah 28:4 - Matthew 24:29-35, Mark 13:24-31, Luke 21:25-33), it is at the closure of the Bed of Adultery (Revelation 2:22 - Isaiah 28:9-19+20-21).

Yeshua warns that when you see the Parable of the Fig, this will be the sign that nation will come against nation, and then the sun & moon will be darkened, where then meteors will fall from the sky.

When Yeshua said this, he was paraphrasing what is within Isaiah 13:10, Ezekiel 32:7, etc, which are referring to the constellation Orion, and not our sun as some people believe.

In Revelation 6 the four horsemen have already happened over the last few thousand years, where in the name of Christendom: the white skins killed the red skins, treated the black skins unfairly, and with the pale skins have caused war & famine.

Then in Revelation 6:9-11 the Enlightened Saints have been removed from this realm prior to the destruction, and then in Revelation 6:12-17 when the meteors fall from the sky, the Elites have underground bases in Greenland, as they think they will survive.

The timeline in Revelation 16 is the Great Tribulation: where the Euphrates dries prior to Armageddon, and then there is a giant meteor storm like hail, after only the Enlightened Saints get resurrected into the world to come.

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