Re: How Wizanda Fulfils Prophecy

Posted by wizanda on 1692735199
There is so much symbolism to all of this, there are new things I discover daily in religions:

Nandaka is the Sword that Kali vanquishes the sinfulness with, a sword made from Wisdom, before we move into an age of Godliness.

Ahura Mazda means Lord of Wisdom.

Zand means exegesis in Persian, and a Saoshyant (Bringer of Truth) is sent before Frashokereti (Judgement Day Fire).

Nandaka is the spirit of Shiva (Refresher) in the Krishna Upanishads... Therefore when Skanda is the name of Shiva's son, who comes before Mahapralaya (Great Dissolution)...

The divine naming is so succinct.

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