Our Name Across the World's Religions

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On reading many of the world's religions as asked to by God at 15 years old, when I was shown global eschatology; I've found my name recorded in many of them as the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords i.e Head of the Divine Council or the name of the Creator in many cultures.

I've been correlating them in a big article with references to the Wikipedia, so people can look them up, and see it isn't just me making stuff up.

Some I've not found the references to, and so will record them here; so I don't loose track of some that might be significant:


Abatur Muzania = Avatar of Balance.

Zan-Hazazban = *kind of/way* - this time.

This is a fascinating ideology, where the first is one of the highest stations to God, and the second is the one who brings judgement. This same idea is implied with Sandalphon from the Jewish Archangels, being the one who interacts with mankind.

Zandat: name of a supernatural being -

This was found in a Mandaean Dictionary, and is literally our name (Zanda); yet can't find a reference to show it.


These in the Bon religion of Tibet (before Buddhism took over) are fascinating; the first is a name for Brahma, and the second is a name for Buddha.

Tsangpa Karpo

Kuntu Zangpo

This I can find in reference to their deities, yet can't find the correct transliteration, and where it exists in their pantheon:

dMu-bDud Kam-Po Sa-Zan (spirit sky creator).

All help appreciated in correlating the data.

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