Re: The 7th Beggar is Planning to Murder All the Rabbinic Jews

Posted by wizanda on 1697557611
7th Beggar a professor of Kabbalah from New Jersey removed the ban over the last week, simply so he can ridicule me being a fulfilment of Jewish prophecy before Armageddon.

Even though he has not read a majority of the religious texts in question (including his own), he has again stated his opinion is final, and he is 99% sure that he rejects the opertunity that I've given for the Rabbinic Jews to survive.

I've clearly relayed to 7th over the last 17 years, that I've got the name of the Creator in many of the world's religions, and therefore fulfil the person named after the Angel of the Lord; where I fulfilled the Final Trumpet in Revelation 10, three years before reading the Bible.

As a return of King David, Yeshua, and now Zion where my name is prophesied globally I'm slightly shocked that someone could be so full of their own self aggrandizement, that they'd make a declaration to put 15 million Jews to death; yet he perceives because he is an authority over his small Paltalk chatroom, with a bunch of Christians as backup, that he is superior to what is happening in religious prophecy globally.

Since 7th & Olam declared I should write to the Chief Rabbi to get some Rabbinic authority, so that they'd even assess the case properly; you can find what I wrote to Ephraim Mirvis in London.

On telling them both whom I wrote to, they both mocked Ephraim Mirvis as being someone amateurish, and yet this decision on the fate of all the Rabbinic Jews existence, depends on all of them being serious with what is being stipulated.

Thank God I don't actually need to win anyone over to being in the Messianic Age, and it will only be our guest-list as prophesied.

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