Re: The 7th Beggar has Authorized the End of the Rabbinic Jews

Posted by wizanda on 1698346346
The 7th Beggar was appointed as the ambassador to the Jewish people 17+ years ago, where he has now declared that he is 100% certain that he will never accept my interpretations of religious texts globally; as he has decided without study of a majority of them, that my interpretations are false.

Where when we study the world's religious texts we can show I've fulfilled some of their prophecies before Judgement Day, and therefore according to prophecy the Rabbinic Jews are all to be put to death in the Judgement Day Fire - Which will happen without warning, unless he takes Jewish prophecy seriously.

I'm really sorry to all Jewish people, that he really doesn't care if you all get slaughtered because of him rejecting the fulfilment of the religious prophecies globally for everyone, and have pleaded with him consistently everyday to change his mind; yet he is determined he is right, and that you all have to die, instead of him question religious texts properly.

I really can't believe I'm saying this, as I always thought since 5-6 years old, that some of you'd want to have a chance to survive.

Updated Disclaimer - 7th pleads he does care about the Jewish people, and doesn't want any of them dead. He thinks me claiming to have fulfilled parts of the Bible before reading it, was all my imagination, and it is my own made up religion.

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