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Posted by qOLOp on 1127767685
Dude here, one time I dissapeared and reappeared about 5 miles, on the other side of some satanists who were chasing me. Its a long story but the short version is I got caught up in some trouble, when I takled about something forbidden over the phone,to someone. I didnt know their phone was monitered. Anywho about 2 days later I got chased about 600 miles all day long,by about 40 different vehicles with the bad guysin them. I'd lose em for awhile, but they would find me eventually. I made it to my home and 3 days later left to go into hiding for awhile. I lived on a dead end road. I knew they would be waiting for me at the intersection. About 2 miles from the intersection I started praying to God and Jesus, to Help me. It was a short prayer, maybe one minute in length. As I finished the prayer I looked around, and didnt recogniz where I was at. It took a few minutes but I soon realized I was about 5 miles, on the opposite side of this dreaded intersection. I dont know how I got there, or my huge van, I was driving. Antwho I made my escape and laid low for about 6 months. Satan keept waking me in my sleep and such, even then, ya cant hide from him. Soz finally I went into the desrt by myself and called him up, and rebuked him, wrestled spiritually for a while, and finally got the victory thru Jesus Christ. Its been ok scince then.. I am amazed at wat a mighty God we serve, I am a sinner like msot, but I am saved by grace and love. I praise Gods name, and Yashuas name, for their grace and mercy to us.

Let this be a lesson to ya, ya never know whos listening in on the phone...dude out...

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