Re: Evolution!! Did we come from monkeys?

Posted by David_Goodpasture on 1127863360
i just want to reply to brendalee... i'm nt going to say we came from monkeys.. but it IS scientifically proven that over time DNA does mutate... we do in fact have a tail bone but no tail... god could have made us into something else first and then we evolved... how do you know for certain what the first man looked like? maybe God created us in a sense as to say he gave us our perceptions of reality, our higher awareness, out abilities to compute at extremely high levels... or intelligent design... if you ask me i think evolution and intelligent design go hand in hand. The fact is evolution of a species... does take place here on Earth... but evolution of a species is not to say it walked out of the ocean.. it is simply the changing of a species over time because of their environment or random DNA mutations. God is supposidly perfect... so if he intended for things to change, then they change... and we can also change it does not mean God is not perfect or that God does not exist, science believes in religion, it only intends to prove it. So many times people think science is anti-religion, when in fact, without religion there might well be no science. Religion stimulated our minds to go search for answers and truths. Keep that in mind, science and religion work hand in hand, science only tries to prove what religion claims. If there was nothing to prove or disprove, we'd have nothing to search for in the scientific community. Our religious beliefs drive us to search the universe and ourselves for answers that we can better understand. anyway love y'all, no harm intended brenda! :)

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