Are Visitors from Space misinterpreted?

Posted by David_Goodpasture on 1127864964
Could the UFO's the ancients saw be of such great technology, and put them in such awe that they mistakingly called them God and worshipped them? The prophets of the old testament were clearly instructed by space beings who came to them when they called on the name of Yahweh, and instructed them of what to say to the people of Earth. Were they simply just trying to send a message of peace and good will to the peoples of earth in a effort to stop the corruption and evil that maybe they had gone through in their pasts? This does not discredit God, it simply ponders the question... are Gods Angels really aliens? Maybe once we have the technology it will be made known to us as well. For it is known that we are all angels... we just need to awaken and become a part of the universal society, and the only way to do this is to practice the words of the prophets, love, peace, and togetherness. Would you want a primitive (humans) hostile race intruding on your universe if you had the technology to traverse it?

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