Re: Are Visitors from Space misinterpreted?

Posted by qOLOp on 1128121045
Dude here..Wow that is good, yes we have downed a couple of them, they use electromagnetic inmpulse piggybacked onto a type of laser. Its the little grays we have downed, which are satans creations, me thinks. They will never down one of heavens ufos, that impossible to do I am thinking..

Some of them do have time travel, to figure future events. I have a book where a cardinal in the 9th century, was doing out of body stuff and going to the akashic record of the future, and saw the machine age coming. The papacy then killed all knowledge of the spirit, via the inquisition to controll the future. They then will bring back the knowlegdge of the spirit in their own way, or spiritualism. which has alraedy been done. The book is "Spear of Destiny" by Trevor Ravenscroft.. Its full of stuff like that. So Ufos aint the only ones reading the future, the vatican is too and ya can bet high level satanists are doing it to, along with satan himself. In fact in montauk, Long island somebody has a particle accelerator up there, thats tied to the philadelphia experiment. It does time travel too. They have went back in time and tried to kill Jesus, but it didnt work. They did get some of his blood tho, for cloning// So the book says.. "Montauk" by Peter Moon.

Man wouldnt ya like to go thru a wormhole? I sure would...

I am growed up, sounds like you are to. we just gotta get the rest to grow up, but with mind control and neuro-linguistic programing, seems we are beating our heads against the wall. But they havnt got us all, not yet, by dingys. lol

Hey I gotta go away for awhile, I am sure going to miss this thread. I feel alive here.. someday we will take a ridee in one of heavens ufos. Man wont that be something. I can see it now, buzzing a black hole, doing drivbys on planets, talking exitedly to the angels, Saying things like, "Hey I saw you guys and your UFO on such and such a day". Its going to be exciting. We serve an amazing God.. Ill talk to ya when I get back, could be a month.. miss ya already David ..peace out.. I bind us together for safety and protection, in Jesus name, amen.. Ufo's away...yea!

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