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Loving Ebay Posted on: 2005/1/25 17:31
Just popping in
2005/1/25 17:14
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Hi Everyone,

We provide a new way to hunt for great bargains on, by searching current offers on for auctions which meet our strict and simple criteria:

1. The auction ends in 1 hour.
2. The price is currently 1 dollar or less.

It's addictive and fun; like browsing the bargain bin of eBay. Germany and UK sites are also available.

Thanks for your attention,
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Re: Loving Ebay Posted on: 2005/1/27 11:50
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
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Hi vincente don´t like advertising
trying to keep the site free of it, let you off this time
reason being is everywhere you go on the net is full of it and i feel it spoils some good sites by them being plastered in banners
so please don´t use a site dedicated to God for commercial adverts
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