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Re: Who or what is the devil! Posted on: 2005/6/27 9:11
Try decating your whole heart to God alone, working on not becoming jealous Ect and becoming a perfect person.

Stop leaning on someone else faith, to achieve what you should do and reach for God your self.

As faith in God has power

Faith in man is not as strong, as the devil is with in man :ange3:

Also if you must quote Pauls words, i will remind you that Jesus came to him as an angel of light.

Then Paul said this same angel of light was the devil????

Fear breeds fear

Stop fearing the devil, aim to be perfect and pure light and the badnesss in you will flee.

Keep acepting the devil is there, gives you an excuse the next time. "It wasn't my fault the devil did it"

Its time to wake up even more!! Realise that God in Job asked the devil where it came from, he said "walking the earth" it is mans ego that contains the devil!!

So try to fight your own ego, rather then some supernatural force that dosen't exsist!
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Re: Who or what is the devil! Posted on: 2005/6/27 22:43
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2005/6/27 4:57
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" So try to fight your own ego, rather then some supernatural force that dosen't exsist! "

Brother ego [tool] is a characteristic the Devil uses to manipulate Mankind - but as much puppets as we maybe - any person would set aside their ego's in times of sickness and embrace eternal life [John 11:26] - something bigger than just your ego is convincing you to die - something with a plan has been orchestrating this outcome for a purpose - something that opposes the forces of creation (God) - the forces of destruction (Satan)...

Be sinless and live forever.

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Re: Who or what is the devil! Posted on: 2005/10/21 19:55
Not too shy to talk
2005/10/17 21:13
From Springfield, Mo
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point # 1-Yes god created the world and declared it good. But later the devil possessed the serpant and sin came in. It was at that time Adam and Eve were forced from the Garden, so they couldnt eat of the tree of life anymore. Now your point about saying, "God said this creation is good" doens not prove theres no devil, because he came after God said that. The devil came after God said that!

point # 2 - you said, that satan appeared to God, in job.. And he is asked, "where do you come from?" satan replys, I come from earth! Then you go on to say that proves there is no devil, but only ego from the earth, that manifested as satan or something, to petition God for Job.. But that doesnt make sense, because satan is the prince of earth now. Yahshau tells us that, with his own words.

Also satan can go to the moon, mars, ect.. he just happened to be on earth, and seeing Job; wanted him.. So he goes to where God is at and petitions him.. You do not make sense, your logic doenst work at all, like this.

Point # 3 - you said peoples ego make them say christ is God.. But I disagree, people say that because Yashua said, I and the Father are on.. When we say Yashua is God, we mean he is diety, but not the Father.. Thats a seperate entity altogether.. But both are diety, or Gods, if ya will. But there is only one God, which is the Father. The bible tells us there are many Gods, but only one Father! Actauuly there are 4 dietys, The father, Mother, Son and Daughter! Or Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost! Again your case falls apart, because christians are using Jesus own words when He says he is diety. And he is diety, just like the Father!

Point #4 You said, to believe a being oppossed to God exists, is nieve.. But we get this belief from recorded history in the new and old testament.. It tells us, that lucifer became proud, and started war in heaven, Yashua says he saw him fall from heaven, like lighting.. These are Yashuas words. In ezekial 28:18-20 it tells us of a future event that describes a fire coming from the midst of satan, and he will be burned up in front of the saints. This same being is described as trying to take over Gods throne, leading a revolt in Heaven itself, walking on the sea of glass, and the stones of fire. It wants to sit in the congregation of the sides of the north; and is described in revelations as the devil, satan, and the serpent as being the same thing. Now ego cannot sit in a throne, walk on the sea of glass and start a war, unless it has a body to work thru.

In this case its the body of a fallen angel, or Lucifer/satan.. all this is in the bible and spoken by
Yashua and Yahweh, not mankinds words, but their own words.. So your points about this fall flat and have no power or force, because its a bold faced lie.

You cant go against Yahshua and Yahwehs own words and expect people to believe you at all. It makes you look like a quack.. I really believe you are a mind controlled victom Wiz, something is not right with the way you try and make your points. You make a point, then destroy it; all in the same breath. That sounds like multipole personalitys to me? wat do you think?

Are you even capable of following anything I said here? And for how long can you hold it, before something changes the original perception? You get real humble real quick, when you feel someone is picking on you.. But you set yourself up by taking things out of context, denying the very words of The Father and Yahshua about the devil, you set yourself up for an attack. Then you act all humble and such, like, "hey they are picking on me agian".. But you do this to yourself, because your logic is seriously flawed.. you set people up to do this to you, by your deiel of Gods own words, by taking things out of context, ect.

You dont believe Christs own words about satan, and ya consistanty say one thing, then in the same breath, reverse wat ya said. This is one heck of a mess. I am trying to help you out here. But I am not sure I can.. Not if your a monarch mind controlled victom. Set up to create a web site to draw metaphysical christians in, to find out wat they know, by spinning them like this, which makes us go deeper into areas we want to keep hidden, because we know they are looking for us, and wat we know. It would be a perfect way to do it, using you like this. Thats probably is wats goinbg on. You might belong to the Cia, or M1-6, or secret mind controll, organizations.. but you wouldnt know that, because your front personality they created for you, wouldnt let you know that. Something is going on here, and its all about you!!! Who are you really?

Father, I ask you restore Wiz, back to his original personality, and block forever the return of any alternate personalitys, that seem to be using his body like this. Restore this soul back, as you originly meant it to be. I come against any programming and destroy it forever, from ever using this body again. In Christs mighty name, I seal this before the throne of the Father, as I bind it on earth, in this persons body and soul. I cannot do much more that pray about this to you Father, its up to you now, to take it from here. Use your strong arm and deliver Wizanda from this apparent multiple personlaity. Restore his logic back to him, in wisdom and truth.. I also come against whoever is controlling Wizanda and did this to him, I ask for the Father to send retribution and to stop them, to those who did this, by withdrawing "the breath" from them.. I also ask for a complete annialation of all data collected by using him like this. I ask the disks, hard drives, and wherever else its stored at, to be totally annialated. Please do this Father, annialate the data, and those hiding behind Wizanda, and are using him like this. Thats for the human level. If theres a spiritual level involved, I ask Father, that you bind and stop them, from ever using wizanda ever again. I ask you destroy them totally, however you do these things, for this abuse. Enough is enough. Do it Father, just do it...In Yahshaus mighty name, amen..

Ezekial 28: 18-20 And God shall cause a fire to spring up in satan, and he shall burn up in front of the saints, and never shall he be anymore.
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Re: Who or what is the devil! Posted on: 2005/10/22 11:42
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
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1). Ok so did the devil create it's self? Or did a serpent eat rotten fruit and then Eve followed. What happens if a snake eats rotten fruit nothing, what happens if a man does? It gets drunk then worries about being naked and gets an ego. The fall!

2). All of John is made up; he never said that the Pharisees said it. Why would God be lord of the living and then this world of life, be in the control of the devil? Do you really underestimate God so much? Or have you been lied to all your life and made to believe in this creature that created its self to fight against God. Have a look through the 'John was a Pharisees' and 'contradictory points' to see what I am saying as it contain blatant lies.

3). Dude I love you bro, and I was the same I had been brainwashed my self about what Christ said, yet really and this will take a lot of work on your side, you will have to go over all the articles or do your own research, as almost all of the Pharisee doctrine is incorrect; that means none of the books of John or Paul are worth mentioning. The reason I say a lot of work, is you alone can go over this to understand all points I mean. I could probably put many into words for you, yet unless you are aware what is of Christ and God and what isn't then it is hard to see. You see Christ didn't say he is God, John does; in fact if you read 'Christ said he was a prophet' and is the son of God, that may help a bit showing you where the scriptures are.

4). If I do make a point and break it, it is to show all sides of an argument. I myself am balanced just this I am trying to put forth isn't as a lot is hearsay from past generation to generation.

5). Dude bro, I am the angel in Revelations 10; my name is the new name of Christ and the original name of the father. Yes I am trying on the net as I felt it would be a good way. Yet in person is far better and when I say these things to people in reality they are like wow, yet I don't always come across with the faith and authority I do have to say these things, in words alone. So you will have to bear with me and I will try my best to put it across to be understood.

6). A point that isn't mentioned in what Yeshua said, is that when he fought against the devil in the wilderness where did this come from, within his own Ego.

7) You really have to decondition your self from previous believes and start a fresh, look at things in a unbiased few each time and way things up with logic and love. Wisdom is the key, love is the answer!

8) Have you seen the Freddy films? It is the fear that, give this whole concept power. Yet for those who really do know God, you would see how daft it is, (not saying you don't know him, just only from this perspective of the life we live in) as God made time and controls infinity, example:
You are playing cards with God, and think you have won (devil does) yet God sees the end of the game as well as the beginning. So when the cards are put down God already knows your hand, before they are drawn out of the pack and before the game started. Plus there would be no game if he hadn't made it. Also he can arrange the cards as the cards are him, so just by knowing he can make the random become as he needs.
So how can anything beat that or challenge that? Only something that couldn't understand the infinity, as when you see that, then you realise the game is already finished before it's started. So there can be no challenger who ever understood heaven and how God views things. As they would know this already that they can not win. Who can't see this? We can't as we live in a world of 6th dimension, i.e. matter and gravity as time; we only view linear. 7th is anti matter and you can roughly see 8th dimension which is infinity on 7th as you are within the spirit realm. So no angel could ever want to play cards with God, man does as we are daft and live in a fallen world. In other words we see the matter, yet we don't realise there is up to 13 dimensions, (that I know of God may know more).
Do you understand what I am trying to say? Saying there is a devil is almost insulting God's power, how did exist? Oops God made a mistake? No God made the world and said that was good. From within man we made this force, the more we fight against our self's the more ego we make. What will try and the world is now is happening man's ego, what has told us we need an Armageddon war? Us, in fact it says a place in Israel and we changed it. So all along man is the one telling us these things, why do we have global warming, hurricanes ect, as man needs his big car for his ego and chop forest for his ego and possessions. Why is there poverty, as one man rips of another for money and his ego, or we have big companies feeling they are doing something good and giving poor people jobs? When before the factory came they had farms and where sufficient; after they all need to work in the factory to keep up with man's ego. Babylon is man is a Baby and wants to make something to show off his ego.
I pray you can understand what I am trying to say, please make your self like a child and listen to your original heart, you will see.

N B with U
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