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Re: Who or what is the devil! Posted on: 2005/10/24 11:54
Just can't stay away
2005/9/25 0:48
From Stockton California
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Wizanda is not being mind controlled Dude, although i'm 100% sure the technology exists "somewhere". You should be a bit more careful in the things you say Dude. If you're going to bring fire, expect water to be thrown on you. Wizanda is simply human like the rest of us, and he makes mistakes, he is going through a learning and self discovery process just like the rest of us in this lovely time period we are so lucky to be living in. Just cool it down Dude, ask some questions first instead of telling someone they are being mind controlled, you may get a reaction out of them you don't desire. A bucket of water, mixed with a bucket of water gives you 2 buckets of drinkable water as opposed to just one, that would be helpfull if you were in the desert dieing of dehydration. We're on this planet and we need some answers, so let's not put each other down, rather let's come together and have 2 buckets of water while trying to understand each other through common sense like grown ups. Peace, love you guys, take my words of wisdom to heart please. :)
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Re: Who or what is the devil! Posted on: 2005/10/25 2:18
The Devil is a female spirit being.
She was at one time a wife of the Creator.
Thats why the Scriptures calls her a whore Rev.17:5.
She is pissed that she could not rule over her Husban
and her end is near.
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Re: Who or what is the devil! Posted on: 2005/10/25 10:19
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
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The references to the whore, is in the sense of that a women is counted mainly in the Bible and in the book of revelations, as wisdom, or more a way of wisdom in the knowledge of God. In revelations the whore is a reference to that people worship something other then God alone. This is symbolic of Christ, through the writing of the books of John and Paul they portrayed Christ as a dragon (got people to worship him), which he was not and in Matthew Mark and Luke, we can see this.
The dragon gives its authority to the beast, the Pharisee rewrote the Bible i.e. the books of John and Paul, so making a lot of people believe they should worship man i.e. Christ. Yet this is what it means by a harlot, as you are sharing your soul with others. The reason it is called the mother of all harlots, is that from this all churches have spread. So the whore is only a symbolic reference; where as heaven really doesn't have different sexes and images.
The fact that many people see these things with images sometimes, is that, is all their spirit can cope with and it makes it easier for them to understand as images are far easier to remember.

N B with U
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Re: Who or what is the devil! Posted on: 2005/10/25 21:08
Hi David, hey man; I was just trying to Help wiz out. If I feel he might be mind controlled, and I say something about it; I am just trying to help him.. Not to start a war or anything like that. I mean if ya had something wrong but didnt know it, and someone else saw it, wouldnt ya want them to say something in an appropiate way. I might have been a little testy when I said that, and for that I apologize.. But that doesnt change the fact he might be mind controlled.. See what I mean..
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