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Re: Who or what is the devil! Posted on: 2005/10/25 22:26
O.K Wiz, lets go and play chess with this.

point # 1- Lucifer used free will, and made some choices that changed him, hence he became over time, the devil. He could have chosen not to do that, but he did choose that path. The serpent didnt eat of rotten fruit, it ate of the tree of good and evil. In doing that it gained a dual nature, of good and evil! Eve followed, and ate of the tree of good and evil. In doing that she gained a dual nature of good and evil. This is seen by her reply to God, saying the serpent made me do it. Thats an evil reply, the serpent tricked her, he didnt make her. If she had never eaten of the fruit, she coulndt have replied that way, but only in truth. Adam ate because he believed God when He said, you will die if you eat of this. Adam loved Eve so much, he decided to die with her. Adam was not tricked like Eve was, he made a choice, to die with her. Being naked was not an issue, untill the dual nature came into them. Also Adam and Eve were clothed in pure light, they lost that light covering when they ate of the fruit, and were naked then. So they took leaves to cover up with. Checkmate!

Point # 2 - I dont feel all of John is made up. God is the God of the living, we are alive arnt we? Also the resurrection completes the consumation of God being Lord of the living. I have definatly been lied to all of my life. But the bible, to include John, has let me see the lies, so I can walk in truth. Without the bible, to include John, I would not know the difference. Because John says in 1 John 4:1-4 - to tests the spirits, that a false spirit will not confess Jesus came in the flesh to die for us, so we can be delivered from sin and death, or the prison house.. I have used Johns council to tests the spirts, and it wotks very well. So John is not false, but telling the truth about testing the spirits..Lucifer made a choice to become satan, using free will, he rebelled against God, and became satan in the process. checkmate!

Point # 3 - Wizanda, I love you too!I beleive the books of John and Paul are worth mentioning. Thers very good council in them. Also a fundamental fact is this; you cannot pass a lie without piggybacking it onto a truth. In other words if John and Paul have a lie to pass, then its got to be coated with truth. Or simply stating in another way is this, 80-90% of Pauls and John writings have to be truth, to get 10-20% lies passed. So at the very least only 10-20% is a lie, the rest is truth. And that only applys if they are false teachers, which I feel they are not. And if they are then at least 80% is truth, to pass the lie...checkmate!

point # 4 - If you make a point and break it? Do you mean like saying there is no satan, then when I showed you from the old testament there is a satan, then you said O.K., there is a satan! But you just said that to break your point, to make your point. I know wat you mean as I do this sometimes myself. However that does not change the truth of Lucifer using free choice to rebell, which turned him into satan..The truth is still the truth. Checkmate!

point # 5 - if you are the angel of Rev 10, then wat are the 7 thunders? I know wat they are, they are seven messages. Each given in chronological order, starting in 1844, with the return of the 7th day sabbath back to the churches, all things that have been destroyed by the papecy, that the early church had, heve been restored in chronological order, thus fulflling the "mystery of God".. The last 2 messages given is that the Holy Spirit is the mother of us all, and that the Holy Ghost is Jesus twin sister, and is also the spirit that lives in every born again believer. All 7 messages have been restored that the papecy killed during her reign. Thats 3 of the 7, can you tell me what the other 4 are? I check you! Not checkmate, but check?

point # 6 - I believe it says that satan approached Yashua in the wilderness, he did not come from inside him. Also the devil took him to a mountian top and offerd him his kingdom, if Yashua would only bow down to him.. You cannot accept a kingdom from a feeling like ego, but only from an entity. Also you cannot bow down and worship a feeling, but only a visible entity, that used free will to become satan, who was once Lucifer. God even says that he was perfect in all his ways, untill he used free will to rebel, to become satan. For this rebellion, he will be burned up in front of the saints..Sounds like an entity to me, and not a feeling or an emotion. I have to checkmate you on that one..

point # 7 - You really have to decondition yourself wizanda.. Just because you had an out of the body experience and seen some things, doesnt mean you seen it all. I have been out of the body too, there are appearently 144,000 levels of astral planes. This is split into darkness and light levels. When an angel takes you on a tour, you are subject to its direction. However when ya leave your body on your own cognizance, you can direct the journey. Which I did, I found Lucifer hiding in the light astral planes, and his dual nature he gained from using his free choice to rebel, or satan; I found hiding in the dark astral planes. They are there all right! You are basing to much on a limited journey, which was not all comprehensive. You need to check yourself..You have been to england and spain, but have ya ever been to timbucktoo? Just because you have never seen it, doesnt mean it dont exist..checkmate

point # 8 - yep I seen some of the freddy films, dont like em.. But not because I am afraid, because I am not. It just glorifys evil to much. Its the same with the exorcist, it glorifys evil to much. If ya notice they dont use the authority of Yashuas name to cast out the demon, but use evrything else. That film is from satan/the vatican; to glorify satan.. Playing crds with god, is a win, win situation; if ya are his friend. But like satan, its a losing proposition. I never said satan was going to win. Where did you get that at? I know the bible says hes going to lose, because it says in Ez 28 - that God will burn him up, in front of the saints. Again, Lucifer, using free will, rebelled agianst God, and that rebellion transformed him into satan. Satan is not created by humans, our beliefs do not decide if he lives or dies. Ego on the other hand can be killed by us as an individual, by using free will to choose to not have an ego. But this in no way destroys satan because he existed before Adam and Eve, as a fallen angel. Its the same things as choosing to not believe in God, as many humns have chosen to do that. However God is not based on human belief. He stands alone without human thoughts in this area. If every human on earth died, ther would still be God, and its the same with satan! We gained a dual nature because of the sin of Adam and Eve eating of the tree of evil and good. That is what creates ego in man, or we can decide not to have ego. The choice is ours. This does not mean satan exists or doesnt exist because of that choice. The bible in the old testament and new testament is full of evidence that Lucifer/satan is real enough and has an active force to use, and this has nothing to do with whether we believe in the devil or not. Just like God, he exists also whether we believe in him or not..checkmate -big time!

Your confusing the issue Wiz, the devil can suggest, but its our choice!

ps - I still think you are mind controlled, did you look up cathys website, Tranceformastion of America? They can help you..loving you brother. Its not your fault, the devil did it to
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Re: Who or what is the devil! Posted on: 2005/10/26 19:22
Dude, if we can control our egos, and our temptations, then it is us who create and destroy the devil.
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Re: Who or what is the devil! Posted on: 2005/10/26 20:17
Not too shy to talk
2005/10/17 21:13
From Springfield, Mo
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I feel the devil exists whether we believe in him, or not.. Because Yashua said, " I saw satan fall from heaven." Plus the bible goes on to talk about how Lucifer wanted to ascend to Gods throne, then there was war in heaven, and the devil and his angels were cast out! This implys an entity. I dont see how you can ignore that..

This belief that the devil exists only because we believ in him, and by doing bad things we create him. Thats not the case. When we do bad things, over and over agian, we create ASTRAL parasites. These attach themselves to our Astral bodys and influence us to keep the habit, lust, or whatever IT IS going. Because it wants to be fed.. This is completly different than Lucifer, or the devil; who is a stand alone entity! The same thing has happened to him. Because of his rebellion, he has created an astral parasite known as satan, or the devil. The results of disobedience is the same for everything, even an angel. Its the same for us, as humans. Its our choice, using free will, to decide to do the right thing, or the wrong thing. The wrong thing creates astral parasites, like ego; that attach themselves to us, feed off of us, and drive us to keep it goping.

I have read many books by healers, hindus, and out of body practitioners; and they all say the same thing. They all see astral paraasites attached to our astral bodys. Smoking creates an astral parasite that craves nicotine. Lust creates an astral parasite that craves the object of lust. Coveting creates an astral parasite that makes us covet, even when we dont want to. Sunday keeping creates an astral parasite that wont let you see the 7th day sabbath. ect, ect. None of these are the devil. He is Lucifer, who has rebelled and is now called satan, a stand alone entity. The same thing has happened to him, that can happen to us, if we arnt careful, and aware about these things.

We have to be careful, because even New agers have been told by their guides and famaliar spirits, that we have to know hate, to understand love! What a buch of crock! Thats a lie straight from satan, or Lucifer; take your pick. The other created worlds who have not fallen, do not experience hate, and never have experienced it. Yet they are full of love.

This was Lucifers arguement in heaven, its how he started a war in heaven. By saying to other angels, "we cant really know love, unless we learn to hate also". They had no idea what he was talking about, and because of that, one third took the bait, and fell very hard into darkness. Now they have become pure hate, and are not capable of loving anymore. This is what sin does! Because after a point, God turns them over to that sin, and thats what they have become, pure hate...God tells ya, dont screw with me; I will make you become that sin, and you will never turn back!

Please consider wat I have said here. The investigations into the astral planes by healers, out of body practitioners and even many hindus, simply do not support your views. There is way to much evidence that says the opposite. Not to mention my own personal experiences with satan, cause I am in a war with him. and I will see him burn up in the Lake of fire, on that day.

Where do you think the grays and draco-reptiles came from, our thoughts? Not hardly, the grays kidnap women when their eggs drop, take the egg, then return the women. The grays are made from a human and animal DNA mixing. Satan did this to begin with, now he has them doing it themselves, to perpetuate themselves. Why do you think these things preach a false religion to Majestic 12, and other government ufo contacts. They say,"there is no God, but that we are Gods". Thats wat they say, wat a bunch of crock. You know better David, and so do you Wizanda! peace..

Ezekial 28: 18-20 And God shall cause a fire to spring up in satan, and he shall burn up in front of the saints, and never shall he be anymore.
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Re: Who or what is the devil! Posted on: 2005/10/27 8:38
From what you are saying couldn't it be Paul then? As didn't he want to ascend to a seat in heaven; he even calls it a race to this!
He destroyed the following of Christ
He would have been born while Christ was alive and Christ knew he was coming.
All the bits in revelations fake Jew, fake apostle, murder of the faithful martyr (Stephen), all these apply to Paul.
Satan means the accuser and Paul added ton of judgements (accusation), to the teachings of Christ's.
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