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Re: Who or what is the devil! Posted on: 2005/11/17 0:15
Reveation 6:12 and Ezekial 9:1-6 .better check these out because they apply to YOU! YOU! YOU! YOU! odf
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Re: Who or what is the devil! Posted on: 2005/11/17 16:39
2004/3/26 7:04
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To begin with, as I was thinking how the opposite of faith is fear today.

Again saying the devil has control over anything is again fear.

If you have true faith in your self first; then you can understand true faith in God, as if you doubt yourself then this is where faith lacks and the same faith is then applied to God or Christ.

Now this is where it says about having faith in another’s righteousness is wrong and this is why many who say they follow Christ, truly don’t!

As really you should be walking as an equal and a friend, a disciple!

So if you do so, you have control over the devil and any demons, if you have faith enough in your self to shine.

Instead of worrying about how some one else will get you into heaven, you should be concerning our selves with improving our talents and losing fear in our self’s. So we can then have true faith and move on to having, what we should have had to begin with and faith that God provides and will not trip us up.

Again that point of God tripping us up is clearly wrong and stated by Paul.

So why would God allow a devil to do so?

Every time you post, you do realise you insult God not me, as you seriously under estimate God? (Don’t take that harshly even though it may sound it, I just write what the spirit says to)

Anyways with the points you posted and the you you you. If you mean me, since I was 4-5 years old I have know we will have a great tribulation and after a thousand years peace. I also can see this happening and know I will be here afterwards to help people.

Yet with your point who made you judge and jury?

Did you know that the correct meaning of Satan is the accuser?

Peace Love N Harmony B With U

N B with U
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Re: Who or what is the devil! Posted on: 2005/11/21 15:53
Actually no one made me a judge. Ezekial 9:1-6 are Gods words and they say, if you are not found sighing and crying then God will let the death angels kill you on that day. Did you even look that scripture up? It seems you just attacked me. All I know is, its God talkng here and it applys to you, and everyone else; if you are not sighing and crying for these abominations? Thats all I said, why do you have to call me the devil? When I just quoted Gods own words? These are not my words, they are Gods words? Why did you call me the devil for doing that? Doesnt that kind of activity make you the devil?
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Re: Who or what is the devil! Posted on: 2005/11/23 10:40
I didn't say you are, I said that satan means the accuser.
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