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2006/2/23 12:22
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I pray for your mom's healing, her bathing in the light of green, golden liquid and pink. May Archangel Michael lend her strength and Archangel Raphael bless her with his healing light. All shall be as Divine Ordination.

Thanks much for your replies, you have a soothing presence and I always learn something new from you. As for that Rose, it's a pleasure, you can get that at the bottom of posting submission(right below the posting box where you write) I tried sending to your yahoo mail before and it bounced back, which happened to you too. The negatives have a way of blocking communications among Lightworkers, also snatching postings into the ethers like what happened to you. The best way is always write on wordpad first and save it along the way. I really learnt my There are two things I'd like to discuss with you.

I've visited the alien-abduction site, but the chatroom is under "renovation". The energy "there" could be lightened up by positive thoughts sent towards the abductees. In a sense, the humans(they contain alien DNA but don't consciously know) who reported abductions chose to be in experiment with the aliens prior to their reincarnation. But then, forgot all about it once being born. Well, even though it is a "contract" per se, the humans who chose, have the freewill to change the contract in this life. By invoking the presence and help of the God-head and His/Her Angels, even the aliens can't do anything about it and have to let the humans go. So, the God-head have the power to break this "contract", but firstly the human have to be conscious of the choice of wanting to release the contract by divine invocation. And, the Grays can't grasp what is Love & Conscience. They may have recorded the physical and emotional behaviours from humans to hybridize, but can never understand the source and deal with it. The key to deal with them is by centering self in Love, not fear. I hope people can understand that. No matter what, Love & Light will win in the end. F-e-a-r is "False evidence appearing real", which I learnt to accept it to be just that.The grays are a master of fear, they projected illusions into the humans' minds to make them at the grays' mercy. It is just like a little paper monster away from the source of light, casting big shadows on the wall to scare people. Because of this, centering self in Love & Light at all times is important. We must be vigilant about what we see, think and speak (which would naturally affect the choice of the food we eat, will go into this another time)

I do not agree with UFO magazines keep on reporting the fear of abduction cases, with not much of a trace of offering possible solutions to deal with it. This phenomenon keeps on feeding negativity, you see. People need more of Love & Light, not otherwise. The Illuminatised mass media can return to their hell and leave Earth(Us) in healing. I am now doing my part to empower others with positive thoughts by the God-head's blessings. He/she's a Great Friend/Companion indeed, being the Ulti-Mate.

I read about implants of physical and non-physical forms. Whichever they are, the function is control by dark entities to achieve their ends. That includes negative aliens, CIA programming etc. And, those that attach themselves to human auric field are parasitical. People should be aware that whatever addictions they have are due to these auric parasites needing food of the same. That even applies to most of our thoughtforms and inexplanable urges that wreak havoc on our life and sanity. But anyway, (excerpted from John Grau, he's one of the Toltec freedom warriors, I find his writing is clear and humourous)...the most excellent esoteric researcher Dr. Joshua Stone tells us all that:

"The best way to get rid of alien implants and negative elementals is to have someone who is skilled in the process to remove them for you. I would recommend that on a regular basis in your meditations, you call to the Ascended Masters Djwhal Khul and Vywamus to help you. Ask that Vywamus sweep through your four-body system with his golden hands [like a net] to remove them all. Afterwards, call forth from him a golden dome of protection."

Such a short mantra, and yet the words here lead you the reader to a quite massive cleansing of alien entities. As a side-point, I once asked a Christian Minister to dis-possess a lady that had quite a serious alien implant problem - only to find out that he wouldn't. You SEE she was so possessed that she couldn't ask, and the Minister wouldn't help unless she asked! ~John Grau

(have a go on this site, but as always, discern whatever you read) ... ipulation-techniques.html

Having contemplated that, and from my years of observing the Ascended Masters' way, we cannot help to remove anyone's implants unless the person asked. The person must in the first place, have conscious acceptance of the possibility that they are implanted. Then, the person must consciously ask Divine assistance for the implant/s to be removed. Now, isn't the "safer" course to be, implants or not, just invoke Divine assistance to cleanse self. After all, a drunk person will not admit him/herself to be drunk. But watch out, only after a few steps... lol

May All of the Light bath in the Golden Light of Divine Protection.

Love & Light,


& ALways
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