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Re: The cause of differences and quarrel among beliefs? Posted on: 2005/6/10 7:40
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This is one big reason, of why there is quarrels and not discussions.
We should always look at things from the bigger picture.

Oneness is not about arguing and we should never argue or debate over the things of God.

No offense meant, Brenda, this is the reason, there are quarrels.

Understand I don' mean this statement at you personally, yet to all who do this, as then the world might get some where.

Peace and LOVE B with U all
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Re: The cause of differences and quarrel among beliefs? Posted on: 2005/6/10 21:38
The world may get somewhere if we practice what we preach... see below:

Dadi Janki – 24th May 2005 – Edinburgh

Q: In restoring balance and peace in our world many people are talking about a
new understanding and respect of the spiritual feminine. Could Dadi say
something about the qualities of the spiritual feminine?

In Bharat, the ancient name for India, there was a great deal of praise for the
mothers. Mothers were considered to be gurus because they looked after,
sustained and taught the children very well. The children used to be very
obedient, even when they had grown up. They would look after their parents and
be obedient to such an extent they would claim the blessings from the parents.
But in today’s world, the mother has lost her character, it’s as if mothers have
been trapped in material things and caught in jealousy. It is jealousy that
causes a great deal of sorrow and makes one lose one’s character. These
personality traits or sanksars, as we call them, are then instilled in the
children. Mothers are in the darkness of ignorance - that is they are without
spiritual knowledge. So first they need to awaken and realise what they have to
do in their lives. There are three virtues that are essential for mothers;
mercy, love and honesty. Many mothers have lost these virtues and so there is
fear, sorrow and worry. What impact would there then be on their children?

I believe it largely depends on the mother whether a home becomes a heaven or a
hell. Hell is a place where there is constant conflict, battle and fighting.
Heaven is where there is purity, honesty and truth; a world of harmony. So at
the present time it is important for the mothers to awaken to the realisation of
what they need to do. Nowadays women fight for their rights and claim them.
Women should now should make their characters so elevated and perform such good
actions that they earn those rights.

Q: To take that question further, could Dadi say something about how people in
an ordinary family life can conduct themselves to bring about this change of
character or this re-strengthening of character?

This spiritual knowledge is of benefit to everyone, whether on a personal level,
within the family, extended family, at work, for the world family; it is
something that will give spiritual strength to everyone. A child from a royal
family is distinctly different from everyone else. Their conduct, way of life,
the way they look after themselves – all are totally different. As we become the
children of God that royalty enters us through God’s teachings and our lives
become different. How we look after ourselves, how we conduct ourselves; our
behaviour changes and we change from ordinary to being very royal. Wherever a
royal person is, everyone’s attention will be drawn to them because of their
behaviour and conduct.

Anyone who engages in a good task and whose interaction with others is good, is
thought to be an elevated individual. So it is very important to have the
attention that what I am doing in a practical way is both good and worthwhile.
By paying attention on this our personality automatically becomes real and very
royal, it’s filled with truth. There is a lot of impurity in today’s world.
People have become negative through the influence of bad company. They use
pictures of women in degrading poses to sell things. Wherever you go nowadays
you can see this type of advertising. Women need to realise that this is not
what they are for and that this is how people are abusing them. As much as
there is good conduct, good behaviour, elevated character and one follows
disciplines in their lives, to that extent one is protecting their own life.

In fact it is purity and honesty that bring greatness. The other day, Dadi was
meeting an audience and as she entered the hall she was looking at everyone with
that spiritual vision. Dadi was asked, ‘How are you seeing us, how are you
seeing the gathering?’ Dadi said, ‘I was seeing everyone with the vision with
which God sees me, I was seeing everyone with that pure spiritual vision’. If I
see others in that way, that is a reciprocated and no-one can see me with impure
vision. God sees us with such pure vision and He says to us “You are a soul who
is completely pure, a beautiful soul, what are you doing with yourself?” In
this way He uplifts you and brings out your potential. God’s praise is that He
is the One who is the Truth, the One who is the Benevolent One and the One who
is Living Energy. And He says to us “You too are that, you too can be the
essence of that and make others like yourself.” This is what inner beauty is

When one does good work, work of benevolence, bringing benefit to everyone then
that person is loved by everyone. Even a good individual is tested by people
sometimes. What we have to do is be like a tree, a tree that is laden with
fruit. A tree gives shade and offers its fruit. If someone throws a stone at a
tree, the tree just tolerates and is not affected by that. So just as God sees
me with that pure vision let me have that elevated vision for myself, see others
with that pure elevated vision. Learn not to see differences, not to compare in
any way and to have pure elevated vision for everyone.

Dadi would like to share a secret; If I want to help transform the world, let
me think about what I need to do to reform myself first. Firstly I have to
become detached from everything here because there are many things that we are
attached to and there are things that we have ego about. With realisation I want
to first free myself from ego and attachment. God also cannot tolerate to see
the suffering of the world, so if I am an obedient child of God, somebody who is
good and wants to have a good character, I will also have that feeling of
wanting to bring benefit. I will be inspired to do God’s work and so God will
look after me and empower me.

It is through human beings that bad actions happen, actions that have led to the
detriment of matter, the five elements that make up matter. Human activity harms
birds, animals and the environment so much; there’s such a big impact of the
human consciousness on our surroundings. It’s as if the world as become a jungle
of thorns. I say to God that I would like to help in His task of changing this
world into a garden of flowers. If I help Him in this way, He will definitely
help me.

I don’t want to be pricked by a thorn, nor do I want to be like a thorn that
pricks others. I want to be God’s lovely child -a flower. Everyone loves roses.
I don’t want to be an ordinary child of God, I want to be a really lovely child
who is loved by everyone. If I become lovely then others will get the
inspiration to become the same. When people see a practical example in front of
them they are inspired to be like that one. This is something that you can’t
publicise or advertise but it is something that is advertised through your eyes,
through your face, through your smile. It is something that radiates and others
feel from you. It is contagious; others want to take it and learn from you
because they see you have peace and happiness and love in your life and they
also want that. If you have truth and humility, if your language is very sweet
and you have a good way of conducting yourself, then people are attracted. They
will feel you are unique; that there is no-one else like you.

So now is the time to study this spiritual study with full attention. You will
then become one who is full of experience and others will also experience
through you and that will make them want to study themselves. Currently there
are more than half a million Brahma Kumars and Kumaris around the world, so ask
yourself how that happened?

It would be very good to think that I want to be like this, not that others
should be like this, but first I want to be like this. And then God will help
the soul become that. Dadi has been on this spiritual path for over 65 years.
She has always had the thought ‘I want to practise this’. Others then see her
and feel inspired and they too start to create a good life for themselves and
belong to God. In this way we’ll appear to be totally different to the rest of
the world and we’ll be seen as unique. If you think of what you were in the past
and what you are now, you have changed. But you are also different from the
people of the rest of the world because in your lifestyle there is cleanliness,
honesty and simplicity.

So what is it that I want to become? What is my future? I want to become like an
angel so I can be up above. Previously we lived very basically… we were just
normal people but now we can become angelic. Previously we were very dependent
on the world, I was either dependent on others or they were dependent on me.
Now I am completely free, independent because internally the soul has the power
of purity, of cleanliness, of peace. I have the treasures of purity, peace, love
and power in me and also the power of happiness. This has become my personal
property. Because of this I have become completely light. People give what they
have to others so if I have these beautiful things within, this is what I will
share with others.

Q: Many traditions associate the feminine with wisdom, could Dadi speak of the
true meaning of wisdom, why it’s so valuable? And also what does being one of 10
Keepers of Wisdom mean to you?

At the time when the 10 Keepers of Wisdom were in front of a gathering of about
20 thousand people there was a special delegation, invited 3 days before the
summit happened. There were about 300 special delegates and out of that, 30 were
selected to be speakers and out of those 10 were awarded the title of Keeper of

What people witnessed was that speaking is one thing but when someone is
practising what they are saying that makes a huge impact on souls. An
interesting story is that Dadi was staying on a mountain top in Brazil and a
fire was visible down the mountain. Dadi said that someone should go and put
out the fire. The reply came that the fire was not in their area and so the
fire brigade will come as their duty. Dadi was seeing the fire with her own
eyes - how could she ignore it? She sent someone to investigate and put out the
fire. People saw this and felt that Dadi was taking care of the land and the
people as if it were her own – with that type of love and care.

Wisdom means to give co-operation and backing to others as soon as it is needed.
If you see that someone is drowning in a well the instinctive thing to do is to
try and save them.

The following morning there was a prayer meeting where countless people
gathered. Dadi spoke and conducted meditation and there was pin-drop silence.
As Dadi was speaking a wave of silence spread and no-one wanted to give the
signal for it to stop. The whole programme was for 5 or 6 days; wherever there
were workshops people were inviting Dadi to lead them into silence. So when we
ask how the world can change, it can change in this way. Dadi feels that you can
also bring such change in your life to bring about a better world.
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