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Re: Collect Functions from Filenames Posted on: 2008/3/21 9:13
2004/3/26 7:04
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So instead of having a single function.php file with lots of functions, you have a small function.php file that collects all functions from little files, by using their filenames as the functions to collect….with the data being in the file.
So then say you wanted a Photo web site and needed extra functions to perform the tasks required, you have a module for the pages, yet then by placing the extra functions in the functions folder, it adds those into your functions overall.
Imagine if you were the PC and each time you needed something you read through a long piece of paper to find one line, now imagine if that was a book with an index…

On writing that’s made me question how we get a permanent index of these functions collected from the filenames, so then it doesn’t cost extra resources at rendering time checking what function files exist, before performing the task….
So we need it having a list of functions and going only to the functions called by that filename....

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Re: Collect Functions from Filenames Posted on: 2008/3/22 5:04
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2006/10/26 14:39
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kinda like how xoops_gethandler creates a new class object from the kernel directory.

but you are looking for a more of a getfunction('somefunction',$arguments) , or something. kinda like the drupal example with the module_invoke

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