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Re: Principles Posted on: 2005/9/24 2:51
Hey Happy Sabbath. Its Dude again! The sun just set here in Missouri, thats in America for those who might not know! lol
Now I have a thoght to add to the seven tenants of spiritualism. It was the part about immortality of the soul.. Then Jim goes and talks about energy and spirit. Saying that energy cannot die, it just changes form.. Thats seems to be true. However I feel that spirit and soul are two different things. Something Jim has missed..When God created man, He formed a body out of dust of the earth. But Adanmwas not alive yet, so God breathed breath (spirit) into him. Then Adam became alive with a soul. So it seems to take a body, with a spirit, to make a soul. At least in this age of humans anyways. Now when a human dies, the body returns to dust, the spirit goes back to God, (wich is life enegy), and the soul ceases to exist untill the ressurection. Then the body is called forth with spirit in it, wich makes the soul again. A soul seems to be our personality. God says souls are not immortal, and Jesus says that to in John 3:16. Jesus says you will perish, if ya dont follow his ways of right doing..Malachi 4:1-4 says the wicked will be burnt up in the fire (lake of fire); and then the fire is put out and we walk on the wickeds ashes, after the earth is made new again.
Now I know these things dont fit in with spiritualism. Nor does it fit in with those who do out of body stuff and see other humans in other realms. The answer is somplace. I dont believe Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, and most popes have eternal souls. I believe they are waiting in the grave for resurrection of the wicked, to be burned up in the Lake of Fire. Now I know there are spiritual cells floating around after death in the ether realms. If one calls up Hitler in an out of body thingy, he will materilze, but its a living hologram. When you leave, that hologram dissolves back into the ether, into his spiritual cell. Each cell in us contains our life history. Its a record of us, and its spirit.
I think most spiritualsts are getting confused by holograms, thinking these are real people. Anywho, thats my two cents. I do know that sister white, a prophet of the 7th day adventists church prophicied in the 1800's, that in the last generation, three things would unite the world against God true saints. Those 3 things were spiritualism, sunday sacredness and belief in,immortality of the soul. The bible denies all three of these as having any merit. So it seems we are on a collision course of somekind.. Oh boy, this could be Dude out...
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Re: Principles Posted on: 2005/9/24 2:53
Dude here, i guess it was John Brett who posted that, not Jim. I cant find the edit button?
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Re: Principles Posted on: 2005/9/24 16:28
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The reason you can't edited is you need to loggin

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