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Oera Linda - The only religion created by and for women! Posted on: 2005/9/18 11:17
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2005/9/18 11:03
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Hello Everybody! I just wondered if anyone here has heard of the Oera Linda? I'm a member of it, and if anybody wants to find out more please have a look at our website:

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Re: Oera Linda - The only religion created by and for women! Posted on: 2006/6/24 6:30
2004/3/26 7:04
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Chapter I: Okke, my son -

1. You must preserve these books with body and soul. They contain the history of all our people, as well as of our forefathers.

2. Last year I saved them in the flood, as well as you and your mother; but they got wet, and therefore began to perish. In order not to lose them, I copied them on foreign paper.

3. In case you inherit them, you must copy them likewise, and your children must do so too, so that they may never be lost.

4. Written at Liudwerd, in the year 3449 after Atland was submerged - that is, according to the Christian reckoning, the year 1256.

5. Hidde, surnamed Oera Linda - Watch!

Chapter II: Beloved successors -

1. For the sake of our dear forefathers, and of our dear liberty, I entreat you a thousand times never let the eye of a monk look on these writings.

2. The monks are very insinuating, but they destroy in an underhand manner all that relates to us Children of Frya.

3. In order to gain rich benefices, they conspire with foreign kings, who know that we are their greatest enemies, because we dare to speak to their people of liberty, rights, and the duties of princes. Therefore they seek to destroy all that we derive from our forefathers, and all that is left of our old customs.

4. Ah, my beloved ones! I have visited their courts! If Wr-alda permits it, and we do not show ourselves strong to resist, they will altogether exterminate us.

5. Written at Liudwerd, in the year 803 of the Christian era. Liko, surnamed Oera Linda.

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