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Re: Are Visitors from Space misinterpreted? Posted on: 2005/9/30 5:11
Just popping in
2005/9/24 20:33
From California
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Who? Me? Never had anything to do with them, really.

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Scott Bruno
A Gentle Warrior
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Re: Are Visitors from Space misinterpreted? Posted on: 2005/9/30 8:55
Quick One of the aliens has escaped!!

o0(Scotty in disguise!)
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Re: Are Visitors from Space misinterpreted? Posted on: 2005/9/30 17:15
Dude your ideas, imagination, and knowledge of UFO's seem to lead you to the same exact conclusions as me... and i have also read about the new technology we have to shoot at UFO's... and i've even heard we have downed a couple of them with it... i don't recall exactly what it is, i think it was some type of plasma/electromagnetic somehing or other, i only saw this once, and i can't recall where, but it was definitely authentic... i'm pretty good at picking and choosing what i believe in... and make sure i can back it up with credible evidence... that's what led me to get into physics, to find out if the stuff people are saying is even possible... and damn.. it is. Well Dude, i've thought as well.. .how long are we going to be allowed to try and shoot these things down? That must have millions of years advanced technology than us... not only that if they are the same entities that instructed the prophets of the old testament... then this means they have some sort of time travel to predict future events etc... or some psychic ability that let's them see the future clearly. These two things could be what allows them to move out of the way of a beam of light. I saw a documentary on roswell. A highclassified Lt. in the Army, before he died, said that he was at the crash site, and these aliens wore some type of mind control device on their heads, extremely advanced technology, that seemed to be driven by a crystal, and he said the only reason he came public was because he was going to die and he wanted his grandchildren to know the truth about the universe(he also said, oh well i'm old.. if they[the government] kill me i've lived long enough already). HMMMMM. now if that's not convincing i don't know what is. Yet just imagine how primitive we would be to them.... we are trying to shoot them down with missiles and light beams... i mean C'mon! they are traveling here either from other dimensions, through wormholes, or at FTL speed. Like i said... would you want a primitive race intruding on your universe? which is exactly what we are going to do. I'm sure they are having meetings on us right now about what to do with us. I'm sure they are loving creatures though... if they wantd to they could have destroyed us 2000 years ago. Hopefully we grow wise, and accept them to come down instead of trying to shoot them down just to gain their technologies. Well dude... i am an extremely open minded person.. the more open minded and more iamginitive you are, the more answers you figure out... sometimes you don't even need evidence. I didn't need evidence to figure out it was UFO's they were talking about in the old testament... God can be anyone and anything, anywhere at anyplace, and so could his angels. Angels are just the messengers of God remember... does not mean they are some type of supreme beings.. someday it will be OUR duty to go spread the world of peace, love and hope, to anothjer world :) if we grow up before then...
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Re: Are Visitors from Space misinterpreted? Posted on: 2005/9/30 20:01
Just can't stay away
2005/9/25 0:48
From Stockton California
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sorry dude that was me just so you know, k love to all, cya.
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