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How Many Are Diametrically Opposed to Oneness Posted on: 2017/12/12 9:24
2004/3/26 7:04
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Life is to suffer.
Murdering an angel is in anyways acceptable.
Drinking blood in occult black magic.
Sacrificing life as being a form of sanctification or atonement, when it is an abomination.
World controlled by Satan, Satan existing, and respected as a real being opposed to God.
Heaven not physical, and instead a place of pure conscious.
Not recognizing the infinite potential we all have to be Elohim (angels).
God being a projection of the Ego, with the "I Am" statements.
Seeing a man as being God.

God having a self.
Sacrificing being acceptable.
None recognition of Heaven, and Hell.
Lack of comprehension, we're all meant to be angels; yet have inner demons.
Dharma sometimes only seen as one's duty, and not seen as an innate essences of righteousness, we must maintain.
Equating our self as being equal with Brahman.

Hypocrisy at not comprehending all messengers globally.
Over zealous religious practises; whilst spiritual soul matters aren't emphasized.
Heaven being a materialistic place, due to incorrectly understanding Paradise was here to enjoy, and Heaven is none physical.
Angels being criticized for not bowing down to man; only God should ever be praised.
None recognition that we're all Children of the Most High, and that Oneness is the unification of this idea.
Public praying.

Denial of prophetic fulfillment, and a dismissive, condescending attitude.
Superiority complex.
Creating occult black magic sacrifices, and rituals.

Failing to recognize Buddha accepted the Universal mind, which is the same as Brahman without a self.
Denial of the soul's existence, when it is put as being 'heart' in the Sutras.
Due to no soul, many existing within the self and ego, rather than the infinite soul.

Denial of the facts of reality, ignoring science, maths, physics, to argue against mainly man made religious concepts.
Denial of soul, Heaven, Hell, etc.

None comprehension that religion is One, there is only one God, one reality, with many different perspectives explained by humanity.
Religion causing people to see each other as not part of one giant global family.
Lack of unconditional love to see everyone as equal.
Lack of wisdom to discern that all information, helps educate us about Oneness.
None acceptance of traditional psychotropic medicines, here to help enlighten us.

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