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Are we in the End Times? Posted on: 7/28 9:41:12
2004/3/26 7:04
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To answer the question are we in the end times, here is the reasons I believe we are:

At 4-5 Years old I knew I was sent from Heaven before the Great Tribulation, with my name in many of the world's religions.

Before that age I'd witnessed a few times what will take place as something comes from the sky, destroying the planet, and after the enlightened saints are resurrected into a new world.

At 5-6 years old knew some of the reasons why the world had already been deceived by the Anti-Christ's doctrines.

At 15 years old the Source of reality spoke to me explaining global eschatology, and asking me to read the world's religions.

At 21 years old I believe I fulfilled Revelation 5 & 10 three years before reading the Bible.

Now having studied & discussed religions for the last 18 years online before the Great Tribulation as prophesied; I believe we can show a big list of references to my name, correlating the world's religions before Judgement Day.

As far as I understand now of religious prophecy: Kalki is the rider on a white horse, and is the 25th incarnation from Shambhala (place of peace); the same as the Messiah is the 25th Archangel on a white horse coming from the New Jerusalem (place of peace)... Both fight the sinful doctrine with the words of their mouth before the Judgement Day Fire.

Kalki according to the timeline comes before Mahapralaya, and in the Bhagavad Gita that is Skanda.

The New Name of Christ is Sananda, which I believe stems back to the son of Brahma - Sanandana.

The Maitreya is protector of the Buddhist Dharma, who was known as Ananda, and Suchandra is the head of the Divine Council of Shambhala.

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