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Who is the Dajjal? Posted on: 2023/1/20 10:47
2004/3/26 7:04
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The Al-Masih ad-Dajjal is a false representation of Yeshua the Messiah.

People think the Dajjal is to come as a person, who will claim to be the Messiah; yet if they read all of the religious texts, they'd realize the descriptions of the false representations of the Messiah have already happened.

The Quran was warning that the texts had become corrupted, and that the false Messiah was already in the world; yet later Hadiths have given the impression it is still to come.

  • Yeshua was a man of coloured skin; he wasn't white.

  • His full name was Yehoshua, which means the 'Lord Saves' or he 'Shall bring deliverance' or 'Shall bring salvation'... Yeshua means Salvation.

  • Yeshua didn't teach we have to believe in his death for atonement; he taught repentance for the forgiveness of sin. It was the Pharisaic authors John, Paul, and Simon the stumbling stone (petros), that taught we are to believe in his death & resurrection.

  • Yeshua didn't teach people to worship him; yet corrected them, and told them to worship the God Most High (Mark 11:21-22). The God Most High in Hebrew is El Elyon, and in Arabic Ala Ilah.

  • The Messiah is made by the Source of reality to interact with Creation; where we all exist inside the Word or Code created by God. The Messiah isn't God incarnate; yet it is God interacting with reality through the Divine Council (38:69, 37:8).

  • Yeshua was indicating it is better not to drink alcohol, and eat meat - where the early Ebionite Church didn't; then Pauline Christianity rewrote the concepts into Pharisaic standards.

This is a start to some of the contradictions between what Yeshua put forward, and the later Roman Hellenized Christian Church corrupted.

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